Promote a Podcast

Solo Sound gives you a chance to promote your Star Wars podcast  to other Star Wars fans, for free. We do not offer advertising on the website. We want to bring Star Wars fans together and show them other Star Wars podcasts that we think they will enjoy. There are two ways to promote your podcast.

  1. Send us a pre-recorded promo. Attach it within an email to Please provide the Solo Sound podcast that you wish for the promo to be played in,  along with a short description of your podcast/website. Also, please limit the promo to under 60 seconds and send it as an mp3 file.
  2. Send us a written advertisement to be read on air. Include the name of the podcast you with to use the promo on, and all information you wish have read, in a script format. Please keep the promo within a paragraph (6 sentences).

Why for free? Solo Sound was not created to make money, but instead to provide entertainment for Star Wars fans. We hope that our selection of podcasts can do so, but we want to tell our listeners about the other awesome Star Wars podcasts and websites that they can visit, besides Solo Sound, so that all forms of entertainment are available.