The Bothan Report: Episode 6 – December 2010

The Bothan Report is a monthly podcast dedicated to covering the biggest and most significant Star Wars news. From the Expanded Universe to The Clone Wars, from the live action series to The Old Republic, The Bothan Report is your source for in-depth news coverage from that galaxy far, far away. Many Bothans died, to bring you this podcast.

In this, the December edition of  The Bothan Report, Mark Hurliman Joins us once again, as well as Chris Smith (aka HothIcePlanet) from the Sarlacc Pit podcast, as we discuss the latest in the Star Wars universe! We talked about Harrison Ford, could he still play Han? We also discussed the question of “when do you have the StarWars talk with your kids”? Also, is The Old Republic DOOMED? The main characters of The Clone Wars are getting a new look. We talked about the #MayTheForceBeWithKatie campaign, and George Lucas reanimating the dead?!? Finally, we all pay our respects in a tribute to the late Irvin Kershner.

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