EUCast #112 – Our Prequel Episode

EUCast is the official podcast of This week, join your hosts Austin, Mark, and Elyse, as they discuss what’s new in the life of Star Wars EU! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your friendly neighborhood Expanded Universe podcast!

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**This special Christmas release of our “Prequel Episode” comes to you despite the Empire’s best efforts to block our transmissions! Through long hours, our dedicated slicers finally isolated the Imperial Slicer Droid’s corrupting algorithms. Our editors have been able to reconstruct the original transmissions for your enjoyment!


-Mystery Book turned series?
-Blood Ties #4 (of 4)
-TOR #6 Blood of the Empire #3 (of 3)
-The Clone Wars: The Valesedian Operation Part 8
-The Clone Wars: Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju (Comic Digest)
-Vortex out – Spoiler free thoughts
-Red Harvest – chapter 5 Excerpt (at time of recording)
-Return of original fiction to Insider – Paul S. Kemp writes short Darth Malgus story.
-We ask: Should ARC be given away in contests?
-Fan Feedback: Fan mntrainboy’s EU Playlist
-Be sure to listen through to the end for special treats!
-And more!


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