EUCast Remixed – Episode 1

EUCast was a show that began within the first few months of’s existence, and gained praise from the fan community and Star Wars VIPs during its run of 140 episodes. The podcast went silent last year, fading into the shadows quietly. After six months of absence, a new version of EUCast has arrived.

The podcast features a wide variety of hosts, as it uses various EUCantina writers and fans as guests. The main hosts are Mark Hurliman, Austin Blankenship, Elyse Bond, Chris Carey, and Rud Leng.


The First Word

- Discussion of the Republic comics.

The Big Three

- Discussion of EUCantina’s Jennifer Heddle interview, and the Annihilation cover art.
- Which Star Wars author should write an episode of The Clone Wars?
- Speculation on Paul S. Kemp’s untitled Star Wars duology.

The Last Word

- The new Star Wars video game will be…?

EUCast Remixed is the official podcast of and a part of the Solo Sound network.

Be sure to interact with the Hosts at the EUChatter thread on our forums too!

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