Solo Sound currently produces five unofficial Star Wars podcasts. You can get more information about each podcast below by visiting their pages.  For information on how to subscribe to our family of podcasts, click here.

EUCast - The official podcast of the EUCantina.net. EUCast is a discussion and segment based podcast that covers a wide variety of expanded universe topics and has fun doing it.

The EU Review – A monthly podcast hosted by Andrew Lupi (EUCast) and Nathan P. Butler (StarWarsFanworks.com, The Star Wars Timeline Gold). The podcast focuses on EU items (books, comics, games, toys) and reviews the more recent ones.

We Talk Clones – Solo Sound’s resident Clone Wars podcast. This podcast keys in on The Clone Wars animated television series, discussing each TV episode the week it airs.

The Bothan ReportThe Bothan Report is a monthly podcast dedicated to covering the biggest and most significant Star Wars news. From the Expanded Universe to The Clone Wars and from the live action series to The Old Republic, The Bothan Report is your source for news from the galaxy far, far away.