EUCast is the flagship show of Solo Sound. It was the first show produced by Solo Sound, and is also the official podcast of It focuses on news from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The show features a panel of hosts Mark Hurliman, Elyse Bond, and Chris Carey. Producer Austin Blankenship will also occasionally join in the panel conversation.

EUCast is the winner of the 2008 Star Wars Fanworks Audio Awards for Best Panel.


Download & Subscribe

Each month, EUCast is released on and can be listened to on the site using the embedded player in the post in which the episode is released. Listeners can also listen to show utilizing the MP3 file or by using the RSS feed. Listeners can feel free to subscribe to EUCast on iTunes or Zune as well.

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Listen Live

EUCast recordings are broadcast live on Ustream. Broadcast times are announced the week of the recording each month.

Episode Directory

You can find the latest episodes of EUCast at the link above, or by going to any of the EUCast links here at Solo Sound.  The complete Episode Directory can also be found on the EUCantina Forums HERE.  Each EUCast episode has a link to the EUChatter thread so you can discuss what’s on your mind with the hosts and other EUCast listeners.  Be sure to check out the many special EUCast podcasts including Cantina Chats, MiniCasts, Cantina Commentaries and more!