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The Bothan Report is a monthly podcast dedicated to covering the biggest and most significant Star Wars news. From the Expanded Universe to The Clone Wars and from the live action series to The Old Republic, The Bothan Report is your source for news from the galaxy far, far away. Many Bothans died to bring you this podcast.




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Riley B.
Podcast Co-Host

I was first interested in Star Wars long before I saw the films. I remember the excitement when the prequels were coming out, and I fondly remember being in Walmart, reading the backs of all the Star Wars action figures to learn the stories behind the characters. Today I enjoy most aspects of Star Wars, from the books to the Clone Wars, but most of all I like relating to people who enjoy this saga as much as I do.

Bethany B.
Podcast Co-Host

As Riley’s sister, I’ve followed in his footsteps and become increasingly more involved in the  Star Wars community.  In August 2010, I attended Celebration V and made my podcasting debut on We Talk Clones.  I look forward to discussing Star Wars on The Bothan Report.