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The EU Review is a monthly podcast  hosted by Andrew Lupi and Nathan P. Butler. The podcast focuses on EU items (books, comics, games, toys) and reviews the more recent ones. The hosts will go into detail on these items, discussing every aspect, from price, to plot, to usefulness. They aim to let you know what is worth it, and what items are not.


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Each week, The EU Review is released on Solo and can be listened to on the site using the embedded player in the post in which the episode is released. Listeners can also listen to show utilizing the MP3 file or by using the RSS feed. Listeners can feel free to subscribe to The EU Review on iTunes or Zune as well. Click the corresponding name below to automatically be taken to your favored method of subscription.

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Andrew Lupi (Son Of Skywalker) Twitter Xbox LIVE
The EU Review Co-Host

I’ve been a Star Wars fan since around 1996; I loved the movies and they made me want more. I got that, thankfully, in the form of the Expanded Universe. From books to games, I’ve done it all and I’ve loved it all the way. Star Wars isn’t slowing down, and neither am I!

Nathan P Butler. (Nathan Butler)
EU Review Co-Host, Founder of

Nathan P. Butler is the creator of The Star Wars Timeline Gold and Star Wars Fanworks. He has been an active member and leader in the Star Wars fan audio community since 2002 and has contributed several times to the official Star Wars continuity, most notably through a story in Star Wars Tales and chronological contributions to the Essential Atlas. He is a high school teacher and freelance writer by trade, currently teaching in the Atlanta area and working on a novella for Decipher’s WARS franchise.

Episode Index

All episodes of The EU Review can be listened to by clicking the link above. Regular episodes of The EU Review are released every third Tuesday of the month, usually reviewing the items from either the month before or month of. Every once and awhile a .5 episode will be released; these are special episodes, usually shorter than a regular program’s length, that feature interviews with authors, random topics, and other item reviews. There is also a subset of episode of the program called The Obscure Side. Full information on those shows can be found here. Enjoy the program!