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We Talk Clones is meant as a companion for The Clone Wars TV show. Hosted by Tom, who has worked in animation, Stephen, and William, the show offers reviews and speculation of the new Star Wars TV series every week. Special guests (sometimes even cast or production members from the show) join the podcast every week to share their thoughts about The Clone Wars. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes long.


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Each week, We Talk Clones is released on Solo Sound.net and can be listened to on the site using the embedded player in the post in which the episode is released. Listeners can also listen to show utilizing the MP3 file or by using the RSS feed. Listeners can feel free to subscribe to We Talk Clones on iTunes or Zune as well.

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Stephen R. (Iron Fist) Xbox LIVE
We Talk Clones Co-Host

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for about as long as I remember. I remember watching the original trilogy on weekends and reading the X-wing series during fourth grade but I don’t think I can pin down an exact date. But whenever I did become a fan, it’s been a part of my life for a long time. As for the Expanded Universe, I absolutely love it. I get to see all my favorite characters from the movie, plus some new ones and seem the interact. It is literally another universe that I get to watch unfold.

Tom P. (Kal Skirata)
We Talk Clones Co-Host

I have been a Star Wars fan since seeing A New Hope in the theaters with my dad when it premiered. I enjoy the original trilogy, the prequels, books (you should see my library), toys (almost as big as my library) and comics. You can say I enjoy just about everything Star Wars.

William D. (Master Devwi) Twitter Xbox LIVE PSN ID
Content Manger, Graphic Designer, Video Game Reporter, EUCast Community Manager, We Talk Clones Co-Host, and Reviewer

I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since I was nine. On June 27, 1999, some good friends of my family took me to see The Phantom Menace. I was hooked. Since then, I’ve watched every Star Wars movie hundreds of times, read every book, played every game for Xbox 360/Xbox/PC/PS3/PS2/PS, and more.

I went to Celebrations III and IV, I was lucky enough to have Attack of the Clonescome out on my birthday, and I went to the midnight showings for Revenge of the Sithand The Clone Wars. I closely follow all Star Wars, technology, and videogame news, so writing about Star Wars is an amazing opportunity!

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There are currently 42 episodes of We Talk Clones. The latest episode was released on August 18, 2010.